(pictured on the right)

If you want the true cajun experience, Capt. Jimmy Corley is the guide for you. He was born and raised in the culture of hunting and fishing and it just pumps in his veins. As a guide that has the upmost respect for the land and wildlife that surrounds him, the preserving of the wetlands and it's inhabitants for our future fishermen to come means a great deal. He is also a gentleman, which is the southern way, and will treat his clients with respect. His accent is thick so you might not always understand Jimmy but rest assured he is saying something nice! ;) Also showing the next generation the proper way to hunt and fish is important to him. As a Louisiana native passing on this way of life is what its all about. Not only is it about the joys of that day's catch but of natures beauty at its best. Capt. Jimmy is the kind of guide that is dedicated to his customers by making sure to provide them with a great time. With the fact that Capt. Jimmy was born and raised in these marshlands, coupled with his passion for the outdoors makes hunting or fishing with Jimmy truly working with one of the best guides around.