Feb 27

Written by: Salty_Dog
2/27/2018 7:29 PM 

BIG mature redfish continue to show up in force!  Also plenty of tasty sheepshead and black drum the filets!

We have been catching the big mature redfish on crankbaits casting at points of concentration.  Its pretty fun to pull up on a point and cast a big hard bait and pull it through there knowing there is a pretty dang good chance its about to get hammered and then starting pulling drag in the opposite direction.  Its fun fishing trolling around casting at them.  We can use spoons, plastics, or hard baits they hammer them all.

And then if you really want to get ridiculous with them we start chumming and fishing bait.  They stack up right behind the boat in the chum slick and go bonkers.  BIG mature fish both redfish and black drum with sheepshead mixed in.  Nice box of eating fish keeping the younger one then catch and release literally hundreds of pounds of big bull redfish and drum. Been a pretty good time to be a Louisiana fisherman... :D





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