Salty Dog is a New Orleans fishing charter offering guided speckled trout and redfish trips right out of the French Quarter. If you want a day trip out of New Orleans, hop aboard and target a variety of coastal fish!






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Captain Markham Dickson, age 36, is USGS licensed and has been putting people on fish his whole life. It is his passion to find and catch fish and enjoys nothing more than sharing that with others. From an early age he began guiding people to a good bite while growing up on a farm on Loggy Bayou in northern Louisiana. There he learned all the tricks of freshwater prey. He came to focus in the end on crappie, aka sac-au-lait. Using various long line and vertical trolling techniques, he had enough success to warrant a featured article in Louisiana Sportsman on his various trolling tactics.

Although having roots in fresh water growing up in northern Louisiana, this did not keep him away from the coast and salty prey for long. Over the last 12 years Captain Dickson has learned the ways of redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, chasing them all over the Louisiana Coast. He has fished from Cameron to Venice. Waters like Rockefeller, Cocodrie, Lake Calcasieu, Lake Pontchartrain, Port Sulphur, Baras, Empire, and Venice. But recently he has settled into Shell Beach near Campo's Marina and is fishing the surrounding waters with focus on Biloxi Marsh and Breton Sound.

Just look at the photos below to know Captain Dickson is serious about fishing:


This fish above and below was caught on 30lb braid.  Impossible... but it happened.

The photo's above are of Goliath Grouper. Below are a couple videos of catching some:



Now for a little history of the Capt'n. Freshwater critters of all variety were targeted in bayous, ponds, lakes, ox-bows and anywhere that would hold enough water to drop a line.

And the best part of any fishing trip...