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Written by: Salty_Dog
11/28/2014 12:09 PM 

Man what a great day on the water.  Had a return trip with Dustin, Kate and Donny and we knocked it out the park.  The guys had fished with me a couple years ago and got another chance to hop in the boat.  Really great people I was happy to get to fish with them.  Dustin and Donny are friends and Dustin and Kate are always getting them in on some fun stuff to do.  They had recently been to the special Olympics where Donny was bowling.  I don't know if Donny bowls half as well as he fishes but if he does then he most likely wins every time because he is one heck of a fisherman.  He caught almost ALL of our 20 redfish for the day!

But on to the fishing story.  We hit Biloxi Marsh nice and early on a falling tide.  Couple stops with nothing to show in the deeper bayous and we just kept moving.  Stop number three was PAYDIRT!  Little bayou draining into a lagoon and it was stacked up with nice fat fall trout.  Donny and I were working up in the front of the boat with live shrimp under a cork and we could not take the fish off the hook fast enough.  Kate and Dustin were working off the stern with Dustin on Matrix Shad and Kate on live shrimp.  Both were hammering the trout.  Dustin had them dialed in on a little drop-off where the bayou pours out.  He would glide that Matrix shad down that slop and WHACK trout on.  Big solid fish would come up head shaking that yellow mouth.  He caught all his trout on plastic.  And if you ask Dustin he caught 2 to 1 against all of us on live bait. :D  Donny started showing his redfish skills here with two beauties before we ever moved from trout! 

We limited on 100 beautiful speckled trout by mid morning.  We rolled up into some little ponds clost by and began to put some really nice slot reds in the boat.  Average size on trout and redfish this trip was well above par.  Kept with the redfish on shrimp under corks, Dustin on the Matrix shad, and a couple off a gold spoon.  10 nice reds of the first set of ponds and we left just to give some duck hunters some space.  Karma must have been on our side for respecting the duck hunters because the first pond we stopped at was loaded with redfish.  Donny was on fire here.  He put 5 big'ol beauties 18-28" in the boat before any of us caught even one!  

Not a bad day when you have to start putting fish behind the ice chest because there is no way that lid is going to close.  100 speckled trout, 19 redfish, 1 drum, 1 flounder and 8 sheephead!  What a day to be a Louisiana fisherman.  Can't beat this fall bite in the marsh.


Dustin with one of his beauties on the Matrix shad.  Can't say enough about this bait.  When the fish get to eating minnows in the fall they will devour this thing.

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