Jun 8

Written by: Salty_Dog
6/8/2012 2:30 PM 


We are offering a great new perk!  Come with us and catch fresh gulf seafood, then take it into New Orleans to one of the best new kitchens in the city and let them work their magic.  GW Fins in the French Quarter has award winning chef's ready to work their magic on our catch. This is a top-notch eatery, and great atmosphere. Special cocktails and gourmet dishes!  You will definitely enjoy dinner in the French Quarter after your day of fishing. If you like it more than your day on the water you can tell them just please don't tell me that, we fishermen have large ego's that we like to protect...

Turn This...

 Into This...

Come down here hop in the boat with me and we'll go catch ya some dinner and hook ya up with some folks who know how to turn it into a work of art!



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