Salty Dog is a New Orleans fishing charter offering guided speckled trout and redfish trips right out of the French Quarter.

If you want a day trip out of New Orleans, hop aboard and target a variety of coastal fish!



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The fastest way to reserve a date with Salty Dog Charters is by text message.  Just send a text and receive a quick confirmation.  We will then give you a call to clarify all the details and answer your questions.   Just click the button below to get started!




    • 1-3 persons    $650.00*    (inshore/coastal only) 
    • 1-4 persons    $800.00**   (inshore or offshore) 
    • 5 persons      $1000.00      (inshore or offshore)
    • 6 person        $1200.00      (inshore or offshore)

*$650 trips for 1-3 for inshore/coastal only. (which is still 30-50 miles round trip on average)

**Oil Rig Trips starting at only $800!!! Go offshore with us for $800 with 1-4 people. (60-90 miles round trip)   

(Maximum 6 per boat, with 4 being recommended, large groups of 50 or more can be handled with multiple boats) 


Send text to: 


Please include the information below:

  1. Your name
  2. Your Cell phone number
  3. The number of people in your group
  4. You date range
  5. Goal of the trip, and or target species (If this applies)


Our team will see this text message and do all we can to reply ASAP!  You will then receive a reply text with a confirmation and your captain's contact information.  If you have a preference for captains please include their name.



Thank you very much for choosing Salty Dog Charters, get ready for some awesome fishing! 




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*Please be advised Tripadvisor will charge a fee above our normal rates for this convenience*